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Adobe Campaign Manager is a set of solutions for cross channel marketing. Through automating marketing campaigns both on and offline, the platform gives forward thinking market leaders a unique understanding of their customers, allowing them to personalise and manage customer journeys.

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Now more than ever, it is important for customers to receive a tailored and consistent experience across every marketing channel. However, independently managing campaigns is no longer the most effective strategy for this.

Adobe Campaign Manager is the solution for a unified management platform which enables the consolidation of information, alongside the automation and monitoring of campaigns across various marketing channels.

Through the integration of customer data to form comprehensive profiles, marketers can produce and effectively manage optimised campaigns that engage and resonate with audiences. This results in the facilitation of more meaningful and lasting relationships with a customer base in the long term.

What are the challenges of Adobe Campaign Management?

When it comes to campaign management, there are a few challenges that businesses commonly face. If a company doesn’t have the most effective tools in place, it can be difficult to combine and manage marketing information from different platforms. It becomes noticeably harder to isolate KPIs and highlight marketing messages, and it’s tricky to understand which interactions are most effective at driving conversions.

Further challenges include an inability to monitor campaigns across multiple channels, which inevitably leads to ineffective campaign problem solving. But platforms such as Adobe Campaign Manager can turn this around. Take a look at some of the common challenges that Adobe Campaign Manager helps to solve:

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How TAP London uses Adobe Campaign Manager

TAP London are Adobe Campaign partners. We’re experts in tailoring and integrating Adobe Campaign Manager into your business, to help you face the challenges of campaign management. We aid in the complete delivery of Adobe Campaign – from the initial database design, to the full Adobe campaign development.

As a team, we are dedicated to ensuring the most effective implementation of services from the Adobe Experience Cloud to meet your exact needs and requirements. This involves personalising the experience to make sure the platform is applied seamlessly to fit with any solutions already in place.

We help clients streamline campaigns and simplify campaign management across all marketing channels, leaving them with the tools in place to consistently achieve great results. Get in touch to find out more about Adobe Campaign Management with TAP London.

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