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As Adobe partners, we at TAP London offer specialist Adobe Campaign training for businesses who wish to integrate the platform into their operations. We believe users should be able to confidently navigate Adobe Campaign in order to optimise the use of the marketing solutions it provides.

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Adobe Campaign is a cross-channel marketing solution. Through the platform’s ability to automate email, mobile, social and off-line campaigns, it provides market leaders with the opportunity to gain unique insights into their customers so they can better personalise and manage customer journeys.

We work closely with you to support your use of Adobe Campaign and the Adobe Experience Cloud by providing in-depth training on how to use the platform. We set up marketing capabilities to operated by clients, rather than their agencies. To do this, we often become a key part of your team, assisting with maintenance, reporting and the execution of multichannel campaigns; until you feel confident in taking over.

We help clients to get things done.

Our experts offer support with the integration of Adobe services into existing business operations, taking the time to ensure users understand everything Adobe Campaign and the Adobe Experience Cloud can offer them. We know every business is unique so we provide a personalised training service for all clients.

The Training Process

The Training Process

Our comprehensive training aims to demonstrate the best techniques and most effective utilisation of Adobe Campaign.

We don’t just set up the software and leave you to it. Instead, we’ll provide ongoing support and training at any stage your digital transformation journey. Our training academy teaches you how to get the most out of the software, giving you the skills to optimise your use of Adobe Campaign.

TAP Training Academy

Our TAP Academy provides customisable training solutions for our customers, tailored to each business and their Adobe Campaign users’ specific requirements. The TAP Academy, which also offers Adobe Experience Cloud training, includes official certifications and other further qualifications that will allow trainees to expand their knowledge and enhance their careers.

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TAP Academy also runs regular webinar sessions and offers standardised training packages to ensure businesses are trained to understand, use and get the most out of the technology they have in place.

TAP London’s monthly Adobe Campaign training and support webinar, Doctor Dirk – The Adobe Campaign Surgery, is quickly becoming the go-to place for Adobe experts looking to share thoughts, questions and ideas.

TAP Academy is also used to provide an exceptional level of training to our newest recruits, fast-tracking them to success. We are lucky enough to have many of the brightest and most experienced subject matter experts within the industry at TAP London, many of who we use to mentor our newest recruits and provide training to customers.

The Benefits of Adobe Campaign Training

Adobe Campaign is an important tool for ensuring customers are receiving exceptional experiences across all marketing channels. With our training, we can help clients improve their communication with customers, facilitating stronger and longer-lasting relationships between them.

We believe every user should be able to utilise the platform in the most effective way to maximises their campaign results. Our expertise can help clients automate marketing campaigns, organise customer data, and simplify campaign management- resulting in optimised experiences across all marketing channels. Ultimately, we aim to leave businesses with the knowledge and skills to consistently achieve brilliant results.

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