Samir Hagoug

Technical Consultant

Samir is an integral member of TAP’s Allianz team, providing marketing communications to their millions of customers across the UK using Adobe Campaign Classic. You’ll often see him building complex campaign workflows that would hurt your head to look that. Sam loves talking to clients, this has allowed him to become a master at transforming campaign briefs into technical solutions.

Samir enjoyed completing his Computer Science degree and did his dissertation on ‘A subjective and objective assessment on the Suitability of impaired MRI images for medical diagnosis’ where he looked into a great detail on how impairments which naturally occur in clinical trial environments can affect the diagnosis quality of patient illnesses. What a clever guy!

Aside from pretty neat dissertations, he has been gaming just about as long as he’s been walking – a fighting-game-fan at heart, who has helped organise and participate in fighting game community events and tournaments both online and offline.


  • 1st Class BSc in Computer Science