What is the Adobe Experience Cloud?

With the evolution of technology, customer expectations have also evolved. Customers now expect more engaging and personalised experiences, forcing brands to rethink their customer service strategy. Utilising technology to adapt to these changes and deliver an exceptional and personalised customer experience is therefore essential.

Adobe Experience Cloud LogoThe Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC) was created in 2017 to offer this solution by combining the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud on to an extensible platform.

This world-class platform incorporates a unified suite of cloud services that complement each other across advertising, commerce, marketing and analytics that can be used stand alone or together. This digital marketing toolkit gives businesses like yours an edge over your competitors by helping you to gain unique insights into the modern customer, allowing you to deliver exceptional user experiences. By reaching consumers across multiple channels, brands are able to meet their needs, and are more likely to develop long term connections and build brand loyalty.

The following suite of products can be used over a range of industries, from retail to hospitality and anything in between. The AEC can also be integrated with other adobe products, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud, introduced in 2012, is an essential part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. This solution brings a comprehensive set of data and marketing tools into one place, including the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Social and Adobe Primetime. These products cover content management, testing, targeting, experience management, social and more.

This platform aims to give forward thinking market leaders unique insights into their customers experiences through optimising data and content, orchestrating campaigns, and managing their customer journeys across multiple channels.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

    The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is an experience management platform, also known as a content management system (CMS). The AEM platform was created in 2010 to build websites, mobile apps, forms and online communities, and it continues to power many of the leading websites today. The Adobe Experience Manager allows for consistency by making it easy to manage content and digital assets across multiple channels. The user friendly interface is fully responsive and makes creating and managing campaigns simple.

  • Adobe Campaign

    Adobe Campaign, originally called Neolane, delivers omnichannel marketing automation campaigns across email, mobile, social and off-line. Adobe Campaign uses customer data to give a complete profile of customers, and this then informs messaging across the customer journey over multiple touchpoints.

    This marketing automation solution makes delivering campaigns highly efficient, cutting out time wasting and labour intensive processes. Adobe Campaign also seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Marketing Cloud tools to deliver an exceptional customer experience, helping businesses become market leaders.

  • Adobe Target

    Adobe Target enables test and targeting of marketing campaigns across multiple channels to improve user experiences. Adobe Target uses A/B tests and multivariate tests to aid with personalisation and optimisation at every stage of the customer journey in real time. Tests can be conducted on website, emails, banners, apps and more to give brands valuable insights into what their customers want and how to meet their needs.

    At TAP London we offer Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target solutions for our clients from the Adobe Marketing Cloud. We seamlessly integrate these platforms into your business, by fully customising them to meet all your cross channel marketing automation needs. Other products under the Adobe Marketing Cloud include Adobe Primetime, Adobe Social and Marketo, which is the latest product incorporated into the platform in 2018.

Adobe Analytics Cloud

Many businesses collect customer data, and rather than wasting this information this data should be used to influence customer focused decisions to improve your business performance, which is straightforward with the help of the Adobe Analytics Cloud.

This platform gives analysts an intelligent way to analyse the customer journey with advanced machine learning and automation. Deeper customer insights can be found using the Adobe Analytics Cloud, which incorporates Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager.

  • Adobe Analytics

    Adobe Analytics, formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst, is more than a data driven web analytic toolkit. Adobe Analytics enables businesses to discover and measure how audiences are interacting with their marketing campaigns using algorithm attributions. This allows for audience data to be converted into valuable insights that can be used to improve customer experiences.

    By applying this detailed audience segmentation across multiple channels in real time, valuable information can be found that will help brands engage with their customers. These attributions can measure the impact of different marketing campaigns across multiple touchpoints and help understand the customers journey from acquisition to conversion.

  • Adobe Audience Manager

    Adobe Audience Manager is a data management platform (DMS) that turns your user data into meaningful audience data that can be tied into a single view that can be used to improve the performance of marketing campaigns. Adobe Audience Manager allows for incredibly detailed audience segmentation by combining your data sources, allowing you to target specific relevant audiences across multiple channels. This unparalleled level of detail into your audiences preferences can enable true personalisation for your customers.

    At TAP London we offer Adobe Analytics solutions for our clients from the Adobe Analytics Cloud. We seamlessly integrate these platforms into your business, by fully customising them to meet all your cross channel marketing automation needs. Other products under the Adobe Marketing Cloud include Adobe Primetime, Adobe Social and Marketo, which is the latest product incorporated into the platform in 2018.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

In 2017 the Adobe Advertising Cloud was announced at the Adobe Summit. This platform is the industry’s first industry’s first end-to-end solutions for managing advertising across TV and digital formats, such as the delivery of video and paid search and display advertising to audiences across multiple channels. Additionally the Adobe Advertising Cloud allows for adverts to be managed and measured, enabling optimisation to create completely personalised ads for your audience.

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