Dirk Wybe de Jong joins TAP London

TAP London’s Martech Procurement Self Assessment Tool

Using this tool you’ll be able to judge how ready your organisation is for its next martech procurement cycle.

The approach is simple: please rate yourself from 1-5 for each question, and tally up your final score. This will ultimately indicate if you have any gaps that need to be addressed in order for the process to run smoothly.

Download our self-assessment tool for your next martech procurement

Thomas and Andrew Co-Founders of TAP London

About TAP London

TAP London works with brands and agencies to deliver cross-channel, data-driven marketing and customer experience solutions. When you hire TAP, you don’t just need a digital marketing consultant – you need a partner who is an expert in Adobe Campaign and the Experience Cloud. On a day to day basis, we help our clients to accelerate projects that provide meaningful insight and memorable customer experiences.

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