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Virgin Australia

TAP London led Virgin Australia’s implementation of Adobe Campaign to deliver highly personalised and improved marketing communications to their customers.

The Project

  • Implementation – Target prospects and customers
  • Operate & Run – Target prospects and customers

Virgin Australia were looking to implement Adobe Campaign across their marketing operation in order to deliver a personalised and consistent customer experience to all returning customers.

TAP London’s certified team were selected to lead the implementation of Adobe Campaign and then to deliver on-going campaign development and provide ad hoc technical support.

TAP were then tasked with educating and training local teams, so that campaign execution could be fully managed in-house.

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TAP London

The Process

TAP embedded their expert technical consultants within the Sydney and Brisbane offices to manage the process of migrating all of Virgin Australia’s campaign workflows and templates into Adobe Campaign.

Deploying Adobe’s best in class CRM technology allowed Virgin Australia to greatly improve their customer journey management. TAP was responsible for designing and building sophisticated launch and acquisition campaigns with a high level of personalisation and automation which led to greater customer engagement and highly personalised experiences.

TAP then carried out extensive training of the Virgin Australia marketing teams, to ensure they were fully confident in day-to-day campaign execution, whilst further continuing to develop the platform and unlock new functionality.

Virgin Australia TAP London
Virgin Australia TAP London

The Result

Virgin Australia’s implementation of Adobe Campaign has led to improved customer journey management, empowering their local marketing teams in the execution of highly complex and personalised customer communications.

TAP’s on-site support and training led Virgin Australia to develop a deeper understanding and expertise of the tool which ensured they further benefited from the platform’s full capability.

Virgin Australia have since benefited from greater customer engagement and now deliver a seamless post-sales experience to their customers.






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