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TAP helped TUI transform their digital marketing experience, by introducing a single customer view, a group wide marketing platform and new analytics and reporting capabilities.

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The Project

  • Consultancy – Organise your data
  • Consultancy – Find insights
  • Consultancy – Target prospects and customers

TUI approached TAP London for assistance with driving forward a large programme of initiatives to expand and transform their digital marketing capabilities.

TUI’s CRM teams across Europe were acting independently, each implementing their own CRM initiatives. TUI wanted to ensure consistent marketing communications were sent across the Group, and they wanted to share best practices across their teams.

TUI also found that employees dealing with customers on a day to day basis had no way of accessing the latest customer data. They needed a way of making this information available to their frontline employees, removing information silos and consolidating their data.

TUI also struggled with producing consistent analytical insight throughout the Group. TUI wanted to provide their analysts with a standardised set of tools and datasets, so that insight could be produced accurately and consistently.

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TUI TAP London

The Process

TAP London embedded their subject matter experts within the organisation to become an extension of the team at TUI.

TAP led a number of in-depth discovery interviews and workshops to explore the challenges the business faced. This process enabled TUI to define their requirements and formulate an actionable plan of technology initiatives; which included the group wide roll-out of a single customer view, a new marketing platform and a new analytics and reporting platform – Tableau.

TAP played a key role in introducing these new initiatives, operating as product owner for the implementation of each project.

The Result

The new TUI group marketing platform has vastly improved the customer experience by automating the delivery of highly personalised and relevant holiday recommendations.

TUI have seen a significant increase in the number of customers engaging with their campaigns. They have also seen a 23% uplift in revenue which can be directly attributed to the introduction of the group marketing platform brought about from TAP’s engagement.

TAP spent time exploring how TUI’s revenue had changed over time and the factors that influenced this. The mechanism TAP provided for measuring the impact of marketing activity on revenue was rolled out Group wide.

TAP London also undertook a thorough investigation into TUI’s e-mail reach and customer engagement. This resulted in the creation of an in-depth profile outlining the optimal level of communication for TUI’s customers.

TAP also performed a detailed analysis of TUI’s mobile application to understand the revenue attributed to the purchase of ancillary products such as seats, meals and transfers.

TAP calculated the revenue that could be directly attributed to the mobile application and built a complex picture of how customers were interacting with the app. TAP found the mobile application was directly responsible for a significant increase in the purchase of these ‘add-ons’ and the business was then able to take a long-term view on investing in its future.


increase in revenue


Increase in click rate


Increase in action rate

We work with TAP London to support us on our large digital transformation projects. TAP's experience has provided a key role in helping us to deliver these initiatives. In particular, the work delivered by James has helped TUI to launch a pan-European marketing platform with impressive results.

Simon Langthorne, Head of CRM Marketing, TUI Group

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