Leading the design and implementation of an on-premise Adobe Campaign deployment


Allianz became self sufficient by migrating their previously hosted Adobe Campaign and Apteco FastStats platforms in house, with Adobe Campaign on-premise utilising the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The Project

  • Consultancy – Organise your data
  • Consultancy – Target prospects and customers
  • Implementation – Organise your data
  • Implementation – Target prospects and customers

Allianz Insurance and the Petplan pet insurance brand were existing customers and users of Adobe Campaign and Apteco Faststats. Both were hosted by a third party marketing services provider who Allianz had decided to migrate away from.

Allianz approached TAP London to manage the process of moving the entire platform in house and on to their own technology.

Additionally, TAP were engaged to provide strategic marketing and analytical services to the Allianz PetPlan CRM team.

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The Process

TAP London acted as Solution Architect, responsible for designing the new Adobe Campaign solution for Allianz Insurance. TAP worked alongside Allianz’s own technical architects to implement the new solution on Allianz’s own infrastructure, in accordance with their internal IT processes.

TAP fully owned and led the delivery of the new platform; from the initial database design and implementation of Adobe Campaign, to full custom campaign development. The project was delivered with a phased approach so that the business had full visibility and confidence in the process throughout.

Allianz TAP London

The Result

Allianz now have a fully functional, self-hosted platform which they are now in complete control of. With no limitations placed on them by a third party provider, they are now able to develop new and existing campaigns more quickly and with greater functionality. Furthermore, Petplan are now able to utilise their FastStats platform to drive greater insight from their customer data through the implementation of FastStats.

Allianz have seen the timescales from ‘idea inception’ to ‘campaign implementation’ reduce dramatically and they are now able to directly integrate their Petplan websites with Adobe Campaign. This has resulted in more timely communications and an increase in converting their prospects into customers.

TAP London continues to act as a strategic partner for the Allianz Petplan business in their use of Adobe Campaign and Apteco FastStats. TAP has been instrumental in leading a number of other high profile projects, notably related to legislative changes such as GDPR.

TAP are a trusted partner who adjust to extremely challenging client side issues with ease, offering a dedicated service which runs consistently throughout the team. I am particularly impressed with their focused, “can-do” approach and ability to work to tight deadlines and constantly changing delivery demands. I have increased confidence in solutions when TAP are present in the session as they have a rare ability to balance the blend of optimal capability and commercial delivery.

Pete Honeywood, CRM Performance and Customer Experience Manager, Petplan

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