Celebrating our growth with a new digital footprint

Gemma Fordham
1 Oct 2018

For over a year, TAP London’s growth strategy has been in full swing. We have grown our management team, which has enabled us to support new and existing customers across the full width of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Creating strategic partnerships

We have established new partnerships with complimentary technology providers such as Talend, putting us in a position to deliver cleansed and enhanced data services that support our clients and their customer engagement initiatives.

Expanding team

We have welcomed many new colleagues, and expanded our offices on more than one occasion.

Industry Leader

We are now one of the largest Adobe Campaign practices in the UK, with a year on year growth of 42%.

TAP London is fortunate enough to boast some of the world’s biggest brands across its client list, cementing TAP London as an industry leader.

New and improved website

With so much positive change taking place in such a short space of time, we faced a new challenge of revamping our digital footprint to reflect our achievements of the past year and to accurately portray who we are as a company today.

We are proud to announce our new and improved website which reflects our brand’s expansion and our ambitions for the future.

Thomas and Andrew Co-Founders of TAP London
Thomas and Andrew Co-Founders of TAP London


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